© 2017 marcbradleymusic.com Marc Bradley is a German composer, working mainly for film and television.     He started his musical career as a choir singer with several concert appearances in South Africa, Switzerland and Germany. Since 2003 he's working  as a freelance composer for label Intervox and other music libraries.   He publishes several tracks every year on albums and compilation cds and contributes music worldwide to productions in Australia, Spain, Japan,  Germany, France, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.     Marc Bradley composed the score for several movies, amongst others “Tears in Rain”, "Picknick", "The Testperson", "Die Drachentöter (The Dragon  Slayers)", "imagine.", “Forever” and the American movie "11,830,420" which made his way into the New York Film Festival  2004. Other films, he  composed for are “Wiedersehen”, “Boy lost Girl” and “The First Time - Unconditional Love” which was released  on DVD in 2011 in Germany.     He also works for theater productions, advertisement/commercials and corporate videos (Robert Bosch GmbH, save-food.org, acpp  GmbH).    In 2011, his debut album “Places” was published, also the soundtrack from “The First Time” with 14 tracks from the movie.     Since 2012, he’s also composing music for UK label “Black is Blonde” and for music labels “Popvirus”, “UBM Media” and “Roba Production Music”.    Marc Bradley is also a photographer, specialized on nature photography.